deMilan Design

to Improve Anything

by Ergonomics

the mission deMilan.It intends to accomplish is to improve everyday objects by means
of ergonomics,
beginning with a new Friendly Species of essential accessories:
the Arched Bags

a Functional Fashion Experience
to Begin with

Experience that today’s celebrated Functional Fashion revolution,

since 2018 a deMilan A.I. Artisanal Intelligence tradition.


a one-hand

safe shut
in no time





The Only Only-One-Hand Bag

One hand is enough to
snap wide open a BOW
bag, thanks to the stainless
steel* hinge system PCT
(Patent Cooperation Treaty)
certified international patent
*(no magnetic parts).

Easy access to pick up or
store any item
hands-free. Every
Bow bag is anatomical,
close fitting and compact,
to hold more in the smallest
of spaces.

Hermetically closing a Bow,
is an automatic
gesture with the hand or by
letting the arm descend
naturally. Gone is the time
of bags left open, unsightly,

One Hand
While the Other Hand is Busy

answering the phone,

Multitasking is the word: you answer the phone but while you are talking you are always looking for something else, in the back of your Bow’ which fortunately doesn’t cause you any problems to open it, access it, close it safely, almost without meaning to, by dropping your arm.

pulling a trolley,

if a Bow’ is appropriate at all times, its natural condition is travel, particularly by air, where you open your bag, take out your passport, close it, re-open it, answer the phone, read the message, put your smartphone back, close it again, take out your boarding pass, close it again, …, everything easy, with the only free hand you have.

holding a pet,

The puppy is getting bigger and bigger, but it still wants cuddles, and you don’t want to give up the pleasure of giving them, without neglecting the duties of communicating or managing objects and commitments, always at hand in your Bow’

when shopping takes your hand
you need for the keys,

When you let yourself go a little, shopping is a burden; sweet but cumbersome. A Bow is always ready to lend you a hand, leaving one free for whatever you need, such as the keys to open the door.

when it may happen
that you are out for a lap

let’s make the best of it, but in the event of an impediment, what is usually a comfort can become a necessity …waiting for it to become a comfort again

or there is simply
something better to do.

Nothing is better than sharing a discovery, such as not having to give up the pleasure of companionship, to manage common, unavoidable, everyday things.

the One Inconvenience We Cannot Help You With:
That of Choosing

Press the button and decide which BOW bag in the Collection,
the sportier "WS", the elegant "S", a balanced "M"
the capacious "L" or that exaggerated "XL", is right for you.