Who invented that Functional Fashion?

(Italians, never a normal one)

The Company's philosophy responds to the universal axiom that recites, sometimes critically, 'Italians, never a predictable one' so that the positive meaning is recognised for the people and proposals of this enterprise, which has been therefore certified Innovative in the Business Register by the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

deMilan.It S.r.l. thinks, makes and brands only Intellectual Property objects,
authentic Unedited Italian, exclusive in functionality and consequent
aesthetics, for unprecedented comfort experiences.

It isn’t Design if it isn’t Better

Unprecedented, essential, most functional. The three requirements that, according to deMilan, deserve to be defined as Design.

a Milanese bows’ revolution to begin

… and its follow-ups

Unibelt, in universal, adjustable size. Its uniquely elegant buckle goes into the right hole and fastens without twisting the fine leather.

The Just Au Coeur tie, an invisible place, the safest for documents, credit cards, money, the usb stick, … close to the heart, under the eyes.

Expo: An unusual pocket that displays coins or contains anything else, unexpected but extremely appropriate, integrated in the Expo wallet.

Where can you find a Key-Kit that keeps its contents as flat as possible, even comfortable to keep in your pocket?

Added Value: Not 'Instead of' but 'in Addition to'

Convinced as we are that for every object, even those of more established use over time,
there can be a better interpretation, we think of innovations that do not involve
renunciing tradition but rather allow it to evolv, almost a leap forward from the past beyond
the present, which does not require a change of attitude from the adopter but the pleasure of
discovery and the sharing of its originality, to be enjoyed personally or given as a gift.
Unprecedented today, a classic tomorrow.