One Hand Bow Bag




Open with one hand, accessible hands-free, close with a gesture, faster than a zip



a brilliant friend, faithful for a lifetime on your side

the Real BOW: First Player
in that ‘Functional Fashion’

anatomical, ergonomic, BOW of name and features arched bag, recognized Intellectual Property,
worldwide PCT certified for unprecedented functionality.
DeMilan welcomes those who are just discovering that universally, nowadays celebrated Functional Fashion.

Not "just another pretty name"

The arched closure
designs the anatomical
shape of the bag that
adheres to the body, for
maximum space with
minimum bulk.

Forged from solid
stainless steel, without
any magnetic parts
, it
snaps open with one
hand, conveniently
accessible hands-free.

It is sealed tightly
by resting the hand or
arm on it, with an
instinctive gesture. in an
instant, hermetically safe,
ever reliable.

Always on the right side: yours.

Natural for the Wearer, Unfeasible for Anyone Else

About security, each Bow’ is opened from the holder with a natural gesture, by
pushing the leather grip down, while both, grip and direction of pushing, are
impossible for anyone not wearing it; an absolute security situation against

Essential Elegance of Milanese Styling

Ergonomics, elegance: reciprocal side effects in the aesthetics of
forms and gestures. Contents and their authors, Milanese by birth and professional
culture, lived from Milan all over the world, of the creative people, exponents of the
recognised capital of fashion and design, who conceives it.

with the Excellence
of Italian Materials
and Craftmentship

made using the best quality leathers and components, entrusted to the undisputed
professionalism of national manufacturing.

Warning: Risk of Addiction

For anyone who has used it, even once, any Bow bag has caused addiction in subjects
particularly sensitive to comfort.

About BOW Bag Capacity.

Each BOW bag is designed to hold the ‘maximum indispensable'. In the three pockets, shaped like a trapezoid for easy removal, you can keep your smartphone, wallet and glasses.

In the main compartment, there is room for keys, handkerchief, possibly gloves, pillbox, various tickets and any other essential items of reasonable size.

Enthusiasm for its pliability might lead one to overestimate the expectation that a Bow'’s contents are unlimited, as in certain cartoon pockets.

Should someone overdo it, they may no longer be able to close the bag, turning the Bow into a bucket, thus lacking the claimed security prerogatives.

As a remedy for this circumstance, for those who do not want to give up their functional comfort, it is suggested to switch to a Bow Bag of the next larger size.

Press the button and decide which BOW bag in the Collection,
the sportier "WS", the elegant "S", a balanced "M"
the capacious "L" or that exaggerated "XL", is right for you.